Sometimes you just wish for more hours in the day.

Sorry. We’re not miracle workers. We can’t create more hours in your day.

But we can help you get more done with the hours you have. Whether you need help at work or at home, 2Viki Assistant Services is there.

At work, 2Viki can help you manage and increase your business by handling the details of your work, freeing you to do the things that need your personal attention and that remind you why you got into this business in the first place. While you’re taking care of your business, you can trust that 2Viki is taking care of your business too—handling your tasks quickly, efficiently and independently.

At home, 2Viki does all the things you don’t want to do or don’t like to do. Hate grocery shopping? We love it! Wish you had fresh produce and hot meals ready when you came home? Done! Got a closet or a garage or paper project that’s hanging over your head? Stop worrying.  Help from 2Viki at home lets you spend your hard-earned time doing what only you can do–connect with friends and family, improve your health, enjoy your life.

And when there’s a change in your life circumstances, 2Viki can help there too.

  • Going out of town? We offer in-home pet- and house-sitting—and many services that can be done while you’re away (laundry, organizing—even painting your garage).
  • Getting married? We can handle all the little details that help you create Your Big Day.
  • Need a new job? We offer résumé and job-hunting services.
  • Moving? We’ll help you pack, research the best moving company, change your utilities and addresses and lots more, all while helping you stay calm and grounded.
  • Overwhelmed during the holidays? We love holiday errands! Do what is meaningful to you, and leave the rest to us.

Instead of getting bogged down in the tasks, errands and minutiae that keep you from increasing and enjoying your business, connecting with who and what you love, staying sane in a changing world and generally living your life, let 2Viki help.  Contact us for your FREE initial consultation today.

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