For Business

Do you find yourself torn between being grateful that your business is busy and frustrated that the increased daily-busyactivity is keeping you from getting to the tasks you need to complete?  Or–is there important but not urgent work you know you need to do, but you’ve carried that work over on your to-do list for days (or weeks!) because you’re consumed with handling all the urgent-but-not-always important work that comes your way?

If your business is taking off, and you find yourself doing more of the stuff that goes along with managing the business instead of the stuff that gives you joy and which inspired you to start the business in the first place, it’s time for 2Viki.

Whether you are an independent contractor, a small-and-growing business or an established company, there are times when you just need an extra hand. 2Viki provides reliable, trustworthy assistance in an intelligent, dependable assistant who works with integrity and enthusiasm and is dedicated to working with you in your business.

The list below is just a sample of services we offer (and if you don’t see what you need, don’t hesitate to contact us to ask for it):

  • Print marketing—Proofreading and editing your current materials or creating materials to your specifications
  • Social media marketing—Facebook posts and campaigns, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest account management
  • Website editing (via content management systems like WordPress and Drupal)
  • Internet marketing and event promotion (via Craigslist, local sites, etc.)
  • Writing (articles, blogs, press releases)
  • Manuscript proofreading and editing
  • Meeting coordination, including preparation & delivery of materials and designing media presentations (via PowerPoint)
  • Hiring services—assistance with writing job descriptions, advertising positions, sorting résumés and conducting first-level interviews
  • Event organization—Parties, retreats, work sessions
  • Newsletter creation and management, both print and electronic
  • Contact management
  • Database creation, updating and ongoing management
  • Booking/confirming appointments and managing your schedule
  • Travel planning
  • Documentation of procedures and creation of training manuals
  • Business/personal reminder service
  • Scanning/archiving paper files to digital format
  • Organizing electronic files via OneNote, Evernote and other formats
  • Customized tutoring on a wide variety of subjects, software and social media, including computer basics and personal electronics
  • Data capture and transcription
  • Public speaking
  • Directory creation and management
  • Survey creation/administration/recording and interpreting resulting data and trends
  • Form development
  • Filing and organizing
  • Preparing/sending direct mail
  • Internet research (topics, markets, purchasing, estimates)
  • Customer follow-up development and management
  • Gift buying, wrapping and delivery
  • Customized client gift creations (digital picture files to art gifts)
  • Office decorating and design

When you need an extra hand—for a business launch or during a business increase, during a busy season or for a special project—2Viki is there to help by the hour, the project and more.  There are no hidden fees, and unlike hiring a part-time employee, you don’t pay for taxes, insurance, office space or downtime.  You pay only for the work you need when you need it.  2Viki Assistant Services–contact us for a FREE initial consultation today.

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