2 The Dogs: Pet- and House-Sitting


Need an experienced sitter to stay with your animal family when you’re out of town?

Go 2 The Dogs (a teeny little division of 2Viki).

You love your four-footed family members.  We get that–we love ours too.  (Check out Amanda and Gabby at the bottom of this page.) That’s why we get someone to come stay with our furry friends when we go away.  We like that they stay in their environment, on their regular routines and diet, and that they have someone to love on them when we’re not there to do it.

That’s why we started 2 The Dogs, a teeny little division of 2Viki Assistant Services, ’cause we know you love your dogs, cats, gerbils, fish, goats, chickens and all the other members of your animal family just like we love ours.

For less than what you pay to kennel your animals (guaranteed), you get someone to stay in your home and take care of your pets while you’re gone.  They get tons of attention and presence, plus their regular walks, meals,  meds, playtime and treats.  Your home is kept secure, your mail is picked up, and you can even have additional work done. (Wouldn’t you like to come home to a clean house with the laundry done, the oven sparkling, the animals tired and happy and your garage cleaned and organized?)

At our initial meeting, we’ll spend time letting your animals get to know us.  Then we’ll work with you to complete a comprehensive questionnaire on everything we need to take excellent care of your animals and your home.  From that questionnaire, we’ll create a profile that can be used for subsequent visits.  This profile includes:

  • Contact information for you and your family while you’re away (phone numbers, itinerary, etc.)
  • House safety and security, utilities, services and appliances (like where your water shut-off is located, and when the recycling gets picked up)
  • Feeding, exercise, health and well-being, and boundaries for pets (like what kinds of treats are allowed and where they like to nap).
Extra services are available while you’re gone, including but not limited to:
  • Doing laundry (clothes, linens)
  • Taking your car in for service and/or detailing
  • Cleaning/organizing storage areas (basement, garage, attic, closets, etc.)
  • Housecleaning (cleaning the oven, washing outdoor furniture, etc.)
Rates include the following services:
  • Securing your home
  • Bringing in the newspapers; bringing in and sorting the mail
  • Giving each pet clean, fresh water
  • Giving each pet the proper amount of food
  • Giving treats (as allowed)
  • Cleaning up any accidents that may occur
  • Watering all  houseplants
  • Having meaningful “playtime” with each pet
  • Taking pet for walks
  • Disposing of pet’s waste
  • Forwarding messages (as requested)
  • Checking and securing all internal and external doors and windows
  • Changing the lighting arrangements daily (on and off)
  • Making notes for owners
  • Laundering and remaking used bed linens
  • Administering pet’s medication as needed
  • Re-locking the house
  • Restoring the security system

SPECIAL NOTE:  We book as far as 12 months in advance, so if you know you’re headed out of town and are interested in sitting services, please contact us as soon as your travel dates are firm to reserve your spot.

FotoSketcher - Amanda 20002

Amanda (1995-2010)

FotoSketcher - Gabby 10002

Gabby (1996-2013)

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