Sometimes, you just need a little help. (And sometimes, you need a lot.)

2Viki offers a number of services to help you in a variety of situations.

Are you going out of town and need your pets and/or house watched while you’re gone?  Check out 2 The Dogs, our sitting services.

Are you looking for a new job and finding that it’s a full-time job to look for one? 2Viki offers assistance in every area of job hunting, from updating your résumé to getting you on online profiles like LinkedIn to applying for jobs on your behalf.

Are you getting married and feeling a little (or a LOT) overwhelmed by all those wedding details?  2 The Altar covers handling all the little tasks that lead up to The Big Day.

Are you moving and wondering how you’re ever going to get all of your stuff sorted, boxed and transported without losing your sanity? We don’t have a catchy “2” name, but we do help with all the tasks of moving, no matter if it’s across the street or across the state.

Are you overwhelmed by the holidays?  Are you planning a big Thanksgiving dinner but dreading the grocery shopping?  Or does the thought of getting your Christmas decorations out of the attic make you want to hide?  Whether you need your contact list formatted into labels for holiday cards or need an extra pair of hands to prepare your Hanukkah feast, you can call for Elf Help, 2Viki’s answer to handling tasks and errands during the holidays.

Are you trying to achieve a personal goal or develop a habit but need someone to keep you on track?  2Viki offers accountability services, customized to what motivates you best to help you do and be your best.

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